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Welcome to FlowSports Physio

Physical Therapy & Training in Montreal

Specializing in Injury Recovery, Sports Training, and Dry Needling

Welcome to FlowSports Physio, Owner and Physical Therapist MSc PhT Eugene Beiline serves the local community in LaSalle and Montreal area for their Injury recovery and pain relief as well as strength training for sports and out of water surf training for elite athletes and beginners. He looks to grow his team, providing service and education for those looking to progress, heal and prevent further injury. Welcoming beginner & advanced athletes as well as those with high levels of sedentary lifestyles like office workers.

Physio focuses torn helping active individuals reach their physical goals and prevent injury.

Read more to learn about FlowSports Physio Mission, goals and services offered with the company and growing team.

FlowSports Physio Mission & Vision

FlowSports Physio's mission is to make non-contact injuries obsolete. With training and knowledge most injuries are avoidable. Understanding and building a strong foundation provides resistance in these types of injuries. But injuries happen, that's why we are here to help you recover stronger and get back your activities faster.

Physical Therapy Services including At Home Care

FlowSports Physio offers physical therapy and training for a range of issues and clients, from injury recovery to progressive physical training and posture optimization. Get back faster and stronger with a customized program to improve your overall physical heath and well being. Reach your recovery goals and strength training goals safely. Combine services to prevent avoidable injury and maintain consistency in your recovery reducing pain. We offer at home services for those with limited mobility to prevent further injuries and consultation to create a physical recovery plan with a certified physiotherapist. Read more below for the full range of services offered and their benefits.

FlowSports Physio Services Offered in Montreal

Movement Optimization
Manual Therapy
Dry Needling
Posture Optimisation
Myofascial Release
At Home Service & Consultation

Get back stronger & progress to your best self

Return to your daily activities and improve your overall well being whether recovering from an injury or looking to progress your physical health through training safely with a certified physiotherapist.

We offer a Free 15 minute consultation to find a program suited for your immediate needs and plan your long term physical health goals.


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